Press'd Ponytail

The ease, the convenience, the seamlessness, the slay!

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The ease, the convenience

Who doesn't love a good ponytail? Whether the order of the day is bad b, or 'I woke up like this', this seamless wavy pony is a must have for your hair collection.

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"Great delivery, smells sooo good, minimum shedding, great texture. absolutely worth it"

- Shanice

"Very high quality and beautiful product! I bought this as I was going to be a bridesmaid for my sister and wanted to look fantastic. Succeeded!"

- Nicola

"Lightweight, Lovely texture and easy to fix on. Hair stays secured even in windy situations!"

- Tolu

Easy to install

Slip the comb attachments into the base of your bun and pull the drawstring to secure it.

Ethically Sourced

When choosing where to source and manufacturer our products, we prioritised ethics before all else.

Made by Ruka

We're a black-women owned business.

Install and style in three steps.

Start with your hair in a compact bun, and brush through your ponytail with some serum.

Attach combs

Slip the comb attachments into the base of your bun and pull the drawstring to secure it.

Wrap hair

Tuck in the excess drawstring and wrap a small piece of hair around the base.

Brush to finish

Brush through your ponytail with a detangler brush to finish. Baddest in the land.

Double Drawn

Unlike standard single drawn extensions, over 75% of the hairs used are true to the advertised length.


Designed with a unique shape and concealed attachment points to ensure a seamless and realistic look.

Quality Guarantee

Extensive in-house quality assessment to ensure the hair you receive is nothing short of the absolute best.

Products for the perfect pony

Our innovative wet products developed in house by Black scientists and engineers

Not sure on texture?

Find your texture match with our hair quiz

Ruka is a black-women owned business.

We’ve experienced centuries of the hair industry being dictated and driven by people who don’t look like us or understand our needs.

Now, not every solution needs to be created by the person who experiences the problem. However, curly, coily and wavy hair has such unique properties both collectively and individually. Each of these unique properties make it extremely difficult to truly understand what Black women and those with these hair types needlessly go through every single day.