the next generation of clip-ins with an undetectable finish

the next generation of clip-ins

we’ve gone into our research and development bag and created the most seamless and undetectable clip-ins in the market with our superior texture match.

Invisible Magic
constructed with a super thin, transparent organic polymer - ensuring a flatter, more undetectable design

No Slip, All Grip
designed for maximum security and comfort once installed, with 20% more clips.

Fuller Look
no compromise on density or fullness, create 'full' looks without the 'bulk'

No-Shed Technology
the cross linked organic polymer design reduces shedding by 99%, compared to standard clip-ins

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Choose your undetectable style

From £225

Think Silk Clip-ins

Think silky, super seamless, finish.

Model is wearing 18"

From £250

Press'd Clip-ins

For a fuller-looking undetectable finish

Model is wearing 18"

Four reasons why you should switch

we've taken our award-winning clip-ins, to the next level

Clip-ins where?!

Our InvisiBlend clip-ins boast a genius construction with a super thin, organic polymer - ensuring a flatter, more undetectable design. Compared to the standard threaded weft, InvisiBlend® is almost 3x thinner

No Slip, All Grip

These clip-ins are designed for maximum security and comfort once installed. With a pack featuring a total of 32 smaller clips (yes, you heard that right!), compared to the 27 larger ones in the OG clip-ins, you can be sure of a look that is as secure as it is seamless.

Straight from the lab

The inherent cross-linking technology of the organic polymer, used to create each track, reduces the InvisiBlend clip-ins’ likelihood of shedding by almost 100% when compared with the OG clip-ins.

Fuller looks, without the bulk

Yes, we designed InvisiBlend clip-ins to lay flatter, and yes, we also made sure that did not come at a cost to the density and fullness you’ve always gotten from Ruka products. Now, you can still create looks as “full” as you’ve always wanted, without the “bulk” that has historically accompanied it.

Direct from the Innovation Lab

explore the tech behind our next generation clip-ins

Our unique ultra-thin, organic polymer with additional clips

Undetectable thickness thats not only flatter but lighter too

We call it 'no-shed' technology for up to 99% less shedding

InvisiBlend® is the future

take a look at how our next generation clip-ins compare

Seamless Clip-ins

  • 1mm Thick
  • Minimal Shedding
  • Silicone Track
  • Low-Medium Volume
  • 18 Standard Clips
  • ~18 Months Life Span

  • 1mm thick
  • No-Shed Technology
  • Flat Polyurethane Track
  • High Volume
  • 32 Next-gen Clips
  • 24+ Months Life Span
  • Undetectable

Original Clip-ins

  • 3mm Thick
  • Low Shedding
  • Lace/Fabric Weft
  • High Volume
  • 27 Standard Clips
  • 12-18 Months Life Span

Clip-ins wheeerree?!

Merging innovation with style, InvisiBlend® clip-ins offer the same effortless texture match as our standard clip-ins, so you can achieve a range of hairstyles with ease, and seamlessness - no matter the occasion.

No Slip, All Grip

Each set comes with 32 next-gen clips designed for maximum security and comfort once installed.

Durable No-Shed Technology

Cross-linking technology reduces the InvisiBlend clip-ins’ likelihood of shedding by 99.99%

Full Styles

Create looks as “full” as you’ve always wanted, without the “bulk” that has historically accompanied it.


We’ve launched with our stretched textures – Think Silk and Press’d.

One of the great advantages of our InvisiBlend® Clip-ins is how they allow you to create a naturally seamless finished look without compromising on density or quality. The technology we’ve developed to achieve this is best suited to textures that fall flat against the scalp and so with this in mind, we decided to debut this technology with our ever-popular Think Silk and Press’d stretched textures.

The human hair we use in our InvisiBlend® Clip-ins is bonded together using an organic polymer called polyurethane (as opposed to being bound with a less environmentally friendly silicone strip or sewn together with thread like traditional clip-ins). They feature a durable, ‘no-shed’ cross-linking technology of this organic polymer which provides minimal-to-no shedding when using our InvisiBlend® clip-ins compared to traditional clip-ins. 

Just like our OG Clip-ins you know and love, 1 set of InvisiBlend® Clip-ins is enough for a full head.

All Ruka human hair extensions can be dyed, and we would recommend having your hair extensions dyed professionally wherever possible. Please also keep in mind that any dyeing you do undertake is at your own risk. 

Comparison table is meant as a visual tool to help users, it is a comparison of the industry leading 'seamless clip-ins', Ruka InvisiBlend® and Ruka Original Clip-ins. The terms 'Seamless Blend' and ''Undetectable' are for marketing purposes and have been used to best represent the 'Ruka InvisiBlend®' product features. All details were correct at time of publishing.

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