introducing our multi-award winning styling tool

Welcome to the future of afro-hair styling


Out with the toothbrush

Fresh out of the Ruka Innovation Lab - often Black women have had to revert to old wives’ tactics when it comes to laying down their ‘edges’. The EdgeSlick® is finally here to remove the usual stigma attached to Black hair accessories.

Made for kinks and coils

The issue with toothbrushes and other makeshift tools is the brushes aren't made with gentle kinks and coils in mind - or the busy life of a modern day Black woman.

In with the innovation

Multi-award winning design

We've innovated to create a tool that is as sleek and beautiful as it is functional. This unique design has helped us to win multiple international design awards throughout 2022.

Loved by our community

Join over 270 customers with our EdgeSlick

"Literally obsessed with this edge brush!"

"The edge brush I didn't know i needed."

"I never thought that other edge brushes were lacking until I tried this one."

"I love the fact that it has a variety of heads."

Built for purpose

'Brush' to style and
lay the edges

'Comb' to separate
and direct edges

Multi-use Pod

Use as a stand for EdgeSlick or storage for the replacement brush heads

//001: EdgeSlick Pod

No more sticky heads

Travel case included, say goodbye to that sticky brush at the bottom of your bag.

//002: Travel Case

Perfect Scoop

Flip the stick for a perfect gel scoop - no more sticky fingers

//003: Stick Handle

Sustainable design

Replaceable heads, no need to throw away the whole brush

//004: Replaceable Heads

What's in the box

EdgeSlick® packaging is made from fully recyclable paper and pulp.

1 x EdgeSlick Stick

(that can also be used to scoop product out of the pot)

1 x EdgeSlick Pod

(to hold the slick stick but also form as storage for the heads)

1 x EdgeSlick 'Comb' Head

(replaceable head, to separate and finely direct edges)

1 x EdgeSlick 'Brush' Head

(replaceable head, to style and lay the edges)

1 x Brush Cover / Travel Case

(cover for the brushes when you're travelling)

Choose your fave

Available in multiple colour options to compliment your style

Ruka is a black-women owned business.

We’ve experienced centuries of the hair industry being dictated and driven by people who don’t look like us or understand our needs.

Now, not every solution needs to be created by the person who experiences the problem. However, curly, coily and wavy hair has such unique properties both collectively and individually. Each of these unique properties make it extremely difficult to truly understand what Black women and those with these hair types needlessly go through every single day.

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Innovation Lab


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